Our Place Pioneers – Balsall Heath Forum

A successful year-long pilot programme saw twelve neighbourhoods across the country working out how to improve the lives of local residents.
Since the pilot programme, Balsall Heath Forum (BHF) have been working hard to continue to improve their community, with some fantastic achievements. Here are some of their updates so far:
Balsall Heath Forum has developed Heartbeat patrol, with 50-100 volunteers visiting at least 60 elderly and vulnerable residents. The group, led by BHF wardens, has volunteers with many skills who help elderly residents in the neighbourhood with practical help, such as repairs, social care and encouragement to be more active.
  • 21 May 2014 Successful Heart Of Gold awards celebrating 20th anniversary of Streetwatch. Huge turn out with some high profile guests of honour. No longer are residents ashamed to be from B12. Well done to all winners hosted by Abdullah and organised by the BHF.
  • 21 May 2014 Phil Bennion MEP spent time in Balsall Heath which was once a no go area because of crime and vice and to see the improvements over the last 20 years. He was accompanied by
  • 11 April 2014 Our past dynamic youth awards winner has achieved 3 A* In Joseph Chamberlain College and has been selected to do medicine at Birmingham University. Well done Husnain Ali Abid star of Balsall Heath.
  •  8 March 2014 Group of concerned residents tackled the ever increasing rubbish problem in George Street Park. The women led group sent out a message that enough is enough, no more dumping. Well done too all involved and Norah from BHF who organised the initiative and is developing the sisterhood group.
  • 4 June 2014 Outdoor celebration of 20th anniversary of Streetwatch continuing from our heart of gold event and saw over 200 people in attendance. Special guests included Chief Supt Alex Murray, Ex Chief Constable Sir Paul Scott Lee and current Chief Constable Chris Sims giving a brilliant speech on the benefits of communities working in co-operation with police. It was also celebrating the 40th anniversary of the formation of the West Midlands police force. There was a great sense of community spirit, and an amazing barbecue to top it all off.
  • BHF have set up a Streetwatch group. Volunteers please call 01214466183 for opportunity to join.
  • TBA – We are preparing to hold our next communal meal and awards night sometime in August which will see our youth being celebrated for good work in Balsall Heath. See linksto last years Dynamic Youth Awards ceremony.
To hear more about what Balsall Heath are up to follow the links from their website