Balsall Heath Neighbourhood Development Plan

In April 2011, Balsall Heath was chosen by the Government as one of the first areas in the country to pilot Neighbourhood Planning.
Designation of the Balsall Heath Neighbourhood Area and the Balsall Heath Neighbourhood Planning Forum
In 2012 Balsall Heath Neighbourhood Planning Forum (BHNPF) formally applied to BCC to be recognised as the legitimate body to prepare a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) for their area. We publicised the application on this webpage for a 6 week period between the 12th September - 24th October 2012.
A copy of the Forum’s original application is below,which contains a copy of its written constitution.
A number of representations were submitted on the application, and these were considered by us. The extent of the proposed Neighbourhood Area was amended to take account of the comments received; the area to the north of Highgate Road was removed. We were satisfied that the BHNPF met the requirements of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012, and as such, the Balsall Heath Neighbourhood Area and Balsall Heath Neighbourhood Planning Forum were formally designated by the City Council on 12th February 2013.
Balsall Heath Neighbourhood Plan - Progress
Sustainability Appraisal
As the Forum developed its thinking on the project it identified a number of development options within the draft NDP. A Sustainability Appraisal (SA) was prepared to look at the social, economic and environmental effects of the emerging proposals.
The SA Scoping Report was consulted upon for 5 weeks between Wednesday 17th October- Thursday 22nd November 2012, and was sent to the statutory consultees and key stakeholders in Balsall Heath for comment. A number of representations were received which informed the final SA Report, which was consulted upon at the 'publication' stage. and considered during the examination.
A copy of the Sustainability Appraisal is below.
Sustainability Appraisal Documents
The draft NDP was consulted upon for 8 weeks from the 20th September to 15th November 2013. Comments received were taken into account and the draft NDP amended accordingly. The document was then submitted to the City Council for 'publication'
Publication of Plan
BHNPF submitted its draft NDP together with supporting documents, including, a Consultation Statement, and a Statement of Conformity (explaining how the proposed NDP meets the requirements of paragraph 8 of Schedule 4B to the Town and Country Planning Act 1990).We are also satisfied that the matters and requirements referred to in paragraph 6(2) and 6 (3) of Schedule 4A of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 have been met or complied with.
Under s16(a) of the Neighbourhood Planning General Regulations 2012 (the Regulations), the City Council publicised the draft NDP (together with the above mentioned supporting documents) and a Sustainability Appraisal for a six week period, from 14th October until 25th November 2014.
Submission Documents

Independent Examination

An independent Examiner was appointed in December 2014 to assess the policies and proposals within the draft NDP.
Any comments that were received from the 'publication' stage (along with the draft Plan and its supporting documents), were submitted to the Examiner for consideration.
Examiners Report & Decision Statement
On 31st March 2015 the City Council received the Examiner's report on the draft NDP for consideration, it can be viewed below
The Examiner's report concluded that subject to minor modifications, the draft NDP met the basic conditions of the legislation and should proceed to a local referendum.The Examiner also decided that the Area Boundary was appropriate for the referendum.
The City Council and BHNPF considered the Examiner's report and the suggested minor modifications. A Decision Statement was agreed by the City Council Cabinet in agreement with the BHNPF. The Decision Statement can be found below and sets out the Our response, to agree the proposed modifications to the draft Plan and to proceed to a local local referendum in accordance with the Regulations.
The Elections Office intends to hold a local referendum for residents within the Neighbourhood Area to vote on the draft Plan. A date has been set for 8th October 2015, which will be confirmed by an official referendum information statement to be made available locally (not fewer than 28 days before the referendum date)
The BHNPF will also publicise the draft Plan in advance of the the date, to raise awareness of the local opportunity to vote
Should the draft Plan receive a positive vote, it will then be 'made' by us and adopted into our Local Development Framework, to guide land use planning decisions in the area
The draft BHNDP (which includes modifications recommended by the Examiner) and its supporting documents are available below.
BHNDP proposals map and plan. an also be viewed at https://sites.google.com/site/balsallheathplan/home
Details of the referendum notice are below.